World One


Musical Kaleidoscope Documentaries

    The Roots of American Music

    Sacred Music from the American South

Popular Music

    The Swing Thing

    Les Paul - American Musical Hero

    Rock and Roll- The Early Days

    Eddie Cochran - Cherished Memories

    Highway 61 Revisited

    Bob Dylan - Don't Look Back

Country Music

    High Lonesome - The Story of Bluegrass Music

    Bluegrass Journey

    Johnny Cash - The Last Great American

    The Tammy Wynette Story

    The Joy of Country

    Glen Campbell Still on the Line

    A Way of Life

    For the Love of Music

Jazz Music

    The Story of Jazz: New Orleans Stomp

    Louis Armstrong

    The Swing Thing

    Art Tatum - The Art Of Jazz Piano

    "Birdsong" - The Story of Charlie Parker

    Music in the Key of Oscar

R&B Music

    Blues Story

    You See Me Laughin'

    Chicago Blues

    Record Row: Cradle of Rhythm and Blues

    The Sounds of Soul - Volume 1

    The Sounds of Soul - Volume 2

    The Fame Recording Studios

    Southern Soul - Otis Redding

Gospel Music

    Say Amen, Somebody

    Through Many Dangers

    Rejoice and Shout

    I'll Keep on Singing

    White Gospel Music

    He Touched Me