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Mountain Gospel Music - Early Recordings

Mountain Gospel
- Six Early Recordings
- Gospel Quartets
- Mountain Gospel Songs
Southern Gospel
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- Mixed Groups
- Southern Gospel Songs

I am Bound for the Promised Land
Alfred Karnes
Victor 20840-A
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On the Resurrection Morning We Shall Rise
Bela Lam and His Greene County Singers
Okeh 45145
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There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
Brother Claude Ely
King 1311
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Come and Dine
The Happy Four
Columbia 15225-D
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Shake Hand with Mother Again
Happy Valley Family
Conqueror 8603
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Dust On The Bible
Wade Mainer's Mountaineers
King 574
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The 20th-century gospel music tradition from the mountains of the Southeast United States is an important, yet not yet fully recognized, American folk music genre.