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The Moody Blues

USA - The Early 1950s
- Six Instrumentals
- Six More Instrumentals
- Six Male Vocals
- Six Female Vocals
- Six Vocal Groups
USA - The 1960s
- California Dreamin'
USA - 1970-2012
- Popular Songs
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England - The Early 1950s
- Six Popular Tunes
England - Skiffle, 1950s
- Lonnie Donegan & Vipers
England - The 1960s
- The "British Invasion"
- The Beatles
- The Moody Blues
England 1970-2012
- Popular Songs
Ireland 1970-2012
- Corrs, Westlife, Boyzone
France 1970 - 2012
- Popular Songs
Album Song Links
Days of Future Past The Day Begins
Days of Future Past Dawn_is_a_Feeling
Days of Future Past Another_Morning
Days of Future Past Peak_Hour
Days of Future Past Tuesday_Afternoon
Days of Future Past (Evening)_Time_to_Get_Away
Days of Future Past The_Sunset
Days of Future Past Twilight_Time
Days of Future Past Nights_in_White_Satin
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord Departure
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord Ride_My_See-Saw
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord Dr._Livingstone,_I_Presume
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord House_of_Four_Doors
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord Legend_of_a_Mind
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord Voices_in_the_Sky
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord The_Best_Way_to_Travel
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord Visions_of_Paradise
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord The_Actor
In_Search_of_the_Lost_Chord Om
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream In_the_Beginning
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream Lovely to See You
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream Dear_Diary
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream Send_Me_No_Wine
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream To_Share_Our_Love
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream So_Deep_Within_You
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream Never_Comes_the_Day
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream Lazy_Day
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream Are_You_Sitting_Comfortably
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream The Dream
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream Have_You_Heard
On_the_Threshold_of_a_Dream The Voyage
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Higher_and_Higher
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Eyes_of_a_Child
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Floating
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children I_Never_Thought_I'd_Live
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Beyond
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Out_and_In
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Gypsy
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Eternity_Road
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Candle_of_Life
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Sun_is_Still_Shining
To_Our_Children's_Children's_Children Watching_and_Waiting
A_Question_of_Balance Question
A_Question_of_Balance How is it We Are Here
A_Question_of_Balance And_the_Tide_Rushes_In
A_Question_of_Balance Don't You Feel Small
A_Question_of_Balance Tortoise and the Hare
A_Question_of_Balance It's Up to You
A_Question_of_Balance Minstrel's Song
A_Question_of_Balance Dawning is the Day
A_Question_of_Balance Melancholy Man
A_Question_of_Balance The_Balance
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour Procession
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour The_Story_in_Your_Eyes
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour Our Guessing Game
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour Emily's_Song
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour After You Came
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour One More Time to Live
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour Nice to Be Here
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour You Can Never Go Home
Every_Good_Boy_Deserves_Favour My Song
Seventh_Sojourn New_Horizons

The Moody Blues are an English rock band. Among their innovations was a fusion with classical music, most notably in their 1967 album Days of Future Passed.

The Moody Blues formed on 4 May 1964, in Erdington, Birmingham, England. Ray Thomas, John Lodge, and Michael Pinder had been members of El Riot & the Rebels. They disbanded when Lodge, the youngest member, went to technical college and Michael Pinder joined the army. Michael Pinder then rejoined Thomas to form the Krew Cats. The pair recruited guitarist/vocalist Denny Laine, band manager-turned-drummer Graeme Edge, and bassist Clint Warwick. The five appeared as the Moody Blues for the first time in Birmingham in 1964. The name developed from a hoped-for sponsorship from the M&B Brewery which failed to materialise, the band calling themselves both "The M B's" and "The M B Five" and was also a subtle reference to the Duke Ellington song, "Mood Indigo".

The Moody Blues have sold in excess of 70 million albums worldwide and have been awarded 14 platinum and gold discs. As of 2011 they remain active with one member from the original band from 1964 and two more from the 1967 lineup. (Wikipedia)