The Musical Kaleidoscope Project

I'm Don Robertson. I would like to introduce you to a project that I believe will make a big difference during a time when a big difference is desperately needed.

It is a music-education project unlike anything that could be imagined, or even possible, just decade ago.

   • It's about the world's greatest music…

   • It's about young people understanding and appreciating our great music traditions…

   • It's about restoring music to its rightful place as an agent of balance, healing and upliftment…

   • … and it's an app!

The Musical Kaleidoscope App

The Musical Kaleidoscope Application is being develped to run on a contextual, cultural education system from the TunesMap Educational Foundation, powered by TunesMap's patented Contextual Visual Interface (CVI).

The app will be available on the following platforms:

   • Apple TV (2015 version and beyond)

   • Amazon Fire TV

   • Roku Streaming Player

   • Google Chromecast

   • Mobil devices

   • Apple iPhones & iPads

   • Amazon Firetablet

   • Android Tablet and Phone

   • (access from computers)


1 - Popular Music Has Become Too Commercialized

Popular music has become over-commercialized, governed by only a few large corporations, and dominated by select media outlets and televised award shows. Because of this, most people are exposed to only a limited selection of music, often only the short playlists of a person's favorite radio station. The wide expanse of recorded popular music from past eras is often not promoted via radio, nor considered fair game for educational venues outside of a few more-progressive institutions.

2 - Classical Music Has Become "Discords du Jour"

The dominant style of discordant classical music that unfolded during the 20th century has driven people away from concert halls, leaving the younger generations ignorant of the great classical orchestral and choral works from the five previous centuries. Furthermore, cash-strapped American concert halls and symphony orchestras have been forced to turn to symphonic presentations of popular music in a desperate attempt to avoid bankruptcy.

3 - Music Has Become "Persona Non Grata" in Our Schools

Once considered of primary importance in education, music has all but disappeared in so many American schools.

Our Solution

Fortunately, we find ourselves at a crossroads as a rare window of opportunity has opened for the first time in history. Because of advancements in technology, we now have the means and content to create the greatest music-education project ever… a project with a scope so wide that it would have been beyond the imagination of anyone just a decade ago. The stage is now being set to introduce to the youth of today an educational and entertainment platform that features the world's greatest music traditions: popular, folk, classical and sacred!

The Musical Kaleidoscope Project offers classes on music topics, great documentaries from the world's archives (with subtitle options), creatively programed shows presenting music from all cultures and times, and important books, scores and study scores, both in published form and immeadiately available in the app itself.

Who Benefits?

Members of the younger generation are already taking advantage of our current, unique crossroads in time and many are turning away from the offerings of the corporate-controlled music industry, looking instead for music that will provide them with greater value.

   -   A 2014 study cited by Trends Journal finds that today's young music students are interested the roots of popular, country, blues and jazz music, seeking out musicians such as Django Reinhardt, Bessie Smith and King Oliver.

   -   According to Music Business Worldwide, older albums now outsell new albums on iTunes worldwide.

   -   Concerts of classical-style symphonic music from the video game world attract sold-out audiences of millennials across America.

   -   Hundreds of youth orchestras have been established worldwide, based on the amazing success of Venezuela's El Systema programs.

Proof Positive

In 2013, the elaborate prison-like security systems that had been installed at the Orchard Gardens Elementary School in Roxbury, Massachusetts were dismantled and replaced by music and arts programs. This caused the very desperate and dangerous conditions existing in the school to reverse, completely turning around the school and its students. At the time of this writing, Orchard Gardens School, in a poor Boston neighborhood, is ranked 616 out of 671 in the "Best Public Elementary School in Boston Metro" rankings.

Musical Kaleidoscope

The Musical Kaleidoscope Project is a completely new concept based on 48 years of discovery and research. We are now ready to begin full implementation of this amazing project, and we are ready to put together the team that will make it happen.

The keyword of the Musical Kaleidoscope Project is edutainment – a system that is both educational and entertaining. It offers an enhancement to today's out-dated music-education curricula, providing a teaching platform that treats traditional popular, folk, classical and world music on an equal basis, and... it will live in today's world of hand-held devices, as well as in the classroom, and in libraries via our published and republished editions of valuable books and scores, ready for study by today's young students.